Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Engaged
It’s important to stay engaged, now more than ever, to ensure that in this period of isolation, no one feels alone. Read more to find out...
July 9, 2020

Updated on March 8, 2021

“Human connection and good mental health are intrinsically linked.”

In this time of public health crisis, companies are obliged to activate their business continuity plans and to roll out remote working orders. While social distancing is all great to minimise the risk of the disease spreading, it also comes with its set of adverse effects. It may be overshadowed by the entertaining photos of panic buyers circulating online or even memes surrounding the pandemic, but the effects are slowly acting out.

This international emergency has forced schools to be closed down, sports events, concerts, as well as religious gatherings to be cancelled or postponed indefinitely. On the macro-level, you will find that these places have one thing in common—they have a community.

Staying safe and healthy amidst this pandemic

A study conducted on residents in Toronto, Canada during the 2003 SARS outbreak has evidently shown that social isolation or quarantining has some psychological effects. Among many symptoms, a substantial portion of those isolated had displayed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

The fact is this: Human beings are inherently social creatures. For good reasons though, we thrive in social groups because it forms an important part of our identities. More importantly, it gives us a sense of community, the belongingness which we all subconsciously crave. Food, water, and air are the essentials of life, so is “Social Connection.” It is the core psychological need in order for us to feel valued and satisfied with life.

Stay engaged

It truly is a privilege that we have all kinds of accessibilities now versus 10 years ago. Thanks to technology, various social platforms, online tools and services are at our fingertips. In light of this, let’s make good use of the resources made available to us. If you are a business owner, staying engaged with your customers during this downtime is more important than ever. Be innovative and creative in the way you communicate with them!

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