Put up your courses online easily and securely

Comprehensive tools available to manage your courses online, to promote virtual classroom learning and/or blended learning

Upload your existing content into LOOP

You can transfer your existing courses into LOOP hassle free. Your accumulated intellectual properties will be retained. Our learning management system, LOOP, supports varied file formats such as:


Readily track competencies of your learners' progress

After each training, it is your goal to ensure your learners are able to understand the lesson. Thus, we have varied question formats available for you to review the competencies of the learners. The progress of your learners will be evaluated almost immediately.


Integrate different training methodologies

There is a calendar schedule in LOOP, whereby you can assign learners to be on virtual and/or physical classroom training, after they have completed the online courses in LOOP. We understand instructor-led training will still be valuable to learners.


Build new courses and organise them for ease of learning

You do not need to be proficient in any IT software skills to build courses at LOOP. The course management is simple as such that you are guided on the specific placements in creating a course such as course summary, course learning objectives, course duration, course’s topics and assessments.

Learn anywhere and anytime

Comprehensive and versatile features to maximise users’ experience

Accessible on different devices

LOOP is easily accessible via devices like mobile phones and desktops. Learning is convenient and can take place anytime and anywhere.


Gamification for better learning

Motivate your learners with our inbuilt scoring leader boards and badges system. Allow your learners to compete in a friendly manner to earn rewards from you. Retention of your learners will improve with such gamification.


Certification management is important

Give your learners the deserved recognition of their efforts in completing the courses. In addition, continue your branding with your customised certificates.


Video conferencing tool

LOOP has integrated with ZOOM, video conferencing tool, to allow you to conduct virtual classroom at ease. Even a quick discussion virtually is done in a few clicks within LOOP.


Flexible options to suit the different needs of your businesses

Scale up LOOP as your needs increase


Various reports to help you to analyse your businesses

You can select and download various reports such as learners’ progress in completion of the courses, competency of your learners, the daily number of learners accessing your system, and many more others, that can help you to perform better.


Organise different classes for different learners

Create and assign different classes to your learners. We understand that learning needs to be targeted for better efficiency.


Control the access rights of different users

There are various levels of rights you can assign to the users. Accountability of your data is well protected at all times.


Link up your existing data systems with LOOP

LOOP works well with Office 365 and GOOGLE. You can access your work easily in LOOP.

Customise to fit your style

Options for a learning environment that suits you

Thematic options

Incorporate your brand identity in LOOP. Choose the colour, the background that represents your brand.


Your choice of domain

Each learning portal comes with its own unique LOOP subdomain: Your brand will always be featured as top priority.


Announcements and notifications are made simple

There are in-built notification and announcement boards for you to constantly engage with your learners.


Users enjoy the freedom to customise their own profile

Your learners can have fun in choosing the best profile picture that suit them.