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Being a financial adviser is hugely fulfilling. The client-adviser relationship is often founded on deep-rooted trust, but maintaining those personal connections can be challenging, let alone prospecting for new clients.

From crafting personal newsletters to stay engaged with existing clients to generating inbound leads with our lead generation programme, LOOP is the marketing partner you never knew you needed.
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Start with one email a month

There is only so much calling and meeting over coffee one can do. A great alternative to this is by writing personal newsletters that get delivered right to your client’s inbox.

The emphasis is ‘personalisation’ here, and social media simply can’t beat emails on this. Not sure what to write about? Don’t have a knack for writing? We got you covered with our add-on copywriting services and creative consultations!

Tried and tested LOOP formula

When it comes to personal newsletters, stories sell. But not just any story. With our proven writing formula, we have been able to help advisers craft authentic stories that are both enjoyable and compelling to the readers.

Generate inbound leads

Prospecting is an integral part of the adviser’s workflow. We help take the pain out of prospecting, and keeping your pipeline healthy by generating inbound appointments for you that automagically show up in your calendar. Our lead generation programme starts from as low as SGD 15 per lead.

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