Do you know your social media demographics?
Your company’s online presence is a key pillar to your business’s success. Conventional marketing strategies are being dulled by online marketing, which is why social media should be your next priority if you plan to grow your business. This will allow you to get creative in gaining new clients and upscaling as a business. But before you get started with social media, you need to understand the demographics of social media first.
April 2, 2021

Did you know that your company’s reputation rides on your online presence? With traditional marketing out of the picture, social media should be your next focus to optimise your business’s presence in a highly competitive market. Social media also allows you to be creative when it comes to attracting new customers and building the loyalty of existing customers. But before you get started with social media, you need to first understand social media demographics because the social media landscape is continually changing. With more networks available to marketers than ever before, you need to allocate your resources wisely to reap the best results for your business.

Why do demographics matter?

You must always research to see what works best to attract more clients. And in the case of social media, you should know that different demographics use social media differently. At what time should you get your post out or how should you design your social media visuals? They all depend on the demographic you are speaking to.

Demographics on Facebook:

This is a platform that has taken the title of the most-used platform in 2021. From your secondary school teacher to your employer, you can find almost anyone on Facebook. Recent studies show that on a global scale, the number of baby boomers is rapidly increasing on Facebook.

There are currently 4.45 million Singaporeans active on Facebook, comprising 51% male users and 49% female users. And there are 25.95 million Malaysians who are active on Facebook (54.7% male and 45.3% female)s.

Right now, most baby boomers are raising families or have reached full maturity in their careers. So, if your business is offering products or services that are at a higher price range or are targeted at families, marketing your offerings on Facebook could be the way to go!

Demographics on Instagram:

Instagram’s steadfast presence and ever-growing database make it the second-most used app after Facebook. In fact, the company remained independent until it was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012. The union between both apps offers a variety of cross-promotional opportunities for brands. On a global scale, most users on Instagram are primarily the millennials and Gen Zs.

There are currently 2.11 million Singaporeans that are active on the app, with a user base comprising 55.9% female users and 44.1% male users. In Malaysia, there are 11.68 million active Instagram users with a percentage of 54.2% females and 45.8% males. The majority of users on the app are aged between 25 to 34 across both nations.

As such, if your business is inspired by youthful trends, offers female-centric products or services, or is targeted at younger generations, this is a good platform to reach your intended audience. On top of this, Instagram is becoming more business-centric as it keeps rolling out new tools to help business owners succeed.

Demographics on Twitter:

The platform’s simple and relatively short interactions make it an ideal place to broadcast news instantly or provide customer support. Twitter also works well for discussing events, sharing content, and engaging in discussions.

The age groups on Twitter are quite evenly spread out, which makes it an ideal platform to reach multiple demographics. Twitter says that the CPE (cost per engagement) is down by 9% as compared to last year. CPE is a type of advertising where advertisers only pay when users engage with their campaigns, which means initial impressions are free, but once a user engages with an advertisement, the advertiser is charged. However, this has not caused any significant reduction to Twitter’s overall annual growth rate as Twitter’s Q3 2020 report suggests that the engagement rate for Twitter ads are still at a healthy rate.

There are 1.3 million Singaporeans active on the app, made up of 50.3% female users and 49.7% male users. 56% of all users in the country are aged between 15 to 24 years old. Across the Causeway, 2.4 million Malaysians are active on the app. The user base is equally balanced between the sexes and mostly range from 25 to 34 years old.

If you are planning to produce frequent bite-sized updates, tips and insights on your business, or create meaningful discussions with your audience, Twitter is the ideal place to be!

As you can see, all these platforms that started as platforms for personalised digital interactions have transformed into essential business tools! If you want to kickstart your social media marketing strategy, schedule a 15-minute call with our Lead Marketing Consultant today!

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