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Microsoft Windows 8: Introduction

Microsoft Windows 8: Introduction, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Microsoft Windows 8 is the latest version of the most popular Operating System in the world and it's a big release! Microsoft unashamedly calls Windows 8 ’Windows Reimagined.’ After extensive research on the current and near-future utilization of computing devices, Microsoft redesigned the Windows OS based on what they learned. The result is Windows 8. This version introduces some major changes to Windows while keeping many of the most powerful, productive features. In this VTC course, author Mark Long introduces you to Windows 8 and demonstrates the new features and functionalities. You'll learn how to get Windows 8, how to install it, and how to get productive with it right away!

Find out more about Microsoft's productivity tools!

- Learn and understand the purpose of Microsoft's tools
- Know more about the functionality and features of each application
- Learn about functions that you never knew existed in Microsoft's tools
- Be fluent and an efficient user in Microsoft tools by the end of this course

Course Objectives

1. Know and understand the basics of Windows 8 
2. Know how to navigate the new interface of Windows 8
3. Able to install and configure Windows 8
4. Know the newly added features in Windows 8
5. Able to work with the new features and functions such as - Start Menu, Charm Bar, Desktop, 
6. Understand about the administrations and setting in Windows 8
7. Know about the developing options for Developers 
8. Learn from the bonus Tips and Tricks

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Course Overview

New Stuff Overview

Getting Hands On

Why Windows 8

Windows 8 Design Goals

Win 8 & Win 7

Windows 8 Terminology

Installing Windows 8


Windows 8 Versions

System Requirements

Installation Options

Upgrade Advisor

Installing Windows 8 pt. 1

Installing Windows 8 pt. 2

Advanced Installation Options


Dual Booting Overview

Getting Ready to Dual Boot

Preparing Your Disk

Dual Booting Windows 8 pt. 1

Dual Booting Windows 8 pt. 2

Dual Booting Windows 8 pt. 3

New in Windows 8


A New Experience

Understanding Metro

Hello Cloud

The Windows Store

Using Multiple Monitors

Enhanced Task Manager

Refresh and Reset


The Windows 8 Interface

Windows Slates

Getting Around in Windows 8


Basic Mouse Commands

Touch Gestures

Not New


Installing Applications

The Desktop

Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Windows 8 Apps

Customizing Windows 8

How to Print

The Start Menu


Understanding the Start Menu

Opening and Closing Apps

Customizing the Start Screen

Naming Sections

Adding Tiles to the Start Menu pt. 1

Adding Tiles to the Start Menu pt. 2

The Windows 8 Lock Screen

Working with Tiles

Snapping Apps pt. 1

Snapping Apps pt. 2

Shutting Down

The Charm Bar


Understanding Charms

Searching for Stuff

Sharing Made Easy

The Lonely Start Button

Working with Devices

Working with Settings

The Desktop


Deja Vu All Over Again

Getting to the Desktop

Desktop Shortcuts

The Old Taskbar

Where Is the Taskbar

Working with Settings


Settings Basics

Control Panel


PC Info

Change PC Settings

Windows 8 Administration


Understanding User Accounts

Switching Account Types

Enabling the Admin Account

Photo Passwords

Using a PIN



Understand Sharing Concepts

Changing the Sharing Settings

Sharing Demonstration

Email in Windows 8

Managing Files


Managing Open Apps

New Windows Explorer

Windows 8 at Work


Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

Goodbye BIOS

Business Features

Client Hyper-V

Windows To Go




Secure Boot

For the Developers


Develop for Dollars

New Development Options

Where to Start

Developer Resources

Default Fun Apps


Travel and Finance


Windows Store Games

Tips and Tricks


ISO Mounting

Take a Screenshot

One Click Shutdown

Two Internet Explorers

Controlling Internet Explorer


Resource Files

Course Wrap Up



About the Author

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