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Adobe InDesign CC

Adobe InDesign CC, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

Adobe InDesign CC 2014-15 - Beginner gives you all the information you need to get you up and running with Adobe's premier page layout software. Long time VTC author, Brian White guides you the InDesign interface and how to navigate it, You’ll learn how to set up pages, master pages then the basics of working with text, graphics and color. At the end there is an introduction to the powerful paragraph, character and object styles, which help you, consolidate features and enable you to make changes and adjustments quickly.

Begin your journey with Adobe InDesign CC today!

- Learn about the basics of Adobe InDesign and it's functions
- Know how Adobe InDesign is used to producce templates
- Learn the secret of creating pages with Adobe InDesign
- Be able to edit and produce stellar documents

This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible.

Course Objectives

1. Know the basics fundamentals of Adobe InDesign CS6 
2. Understand the navigation of Adobe InDesign CS6 interface 
3. Able to utlize the tools pane in Adobe InDesign CS6
4. Know the different tools and techniques to create a new project

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The Creative Cloud

Using the Work Files

InDesign Basics


What is InDesign

Interface Overview

Mac vs PC


Menus & Customizing

Control Panel



Tabbed Windows

Screen Modes


Hand/Power Zoom

Page Navigation

Page Set-up & Guides


New Document Set-up

Custom Sizes & Presets

Document Measurements

Bleed & Slug

Margins & Columns

Ruler Guides

Ruler Grids

Smart Cursor & Guides

Pages Panel

Manipulating Pages

Master Pages I

Master Pages II

Multiple Master Pages

Page Numbering



Arrange Items & Layers

Layer Basics

Layers in Practice

Text Wrap in Layers

Layers Remember

Drawing Tools


Line Tool

Pen Tool

Pencil Tool

Rectangles & Ellipses

Corners Effects

Polygon Tool


Selecting & Manipulating


Selection vs Direct Selection

Selecting Frames

Direct Selection Tool


Frame Fitting Options

Rotate and Shear

Transform Tools


Transform Again

Duplicate / Step & Repeat

Copy Into & In Place

Working with Objects





Arrange, Lock & Hide

QR Codes


Shapes, Paths & Points

Character Formatting


Text in Frames

Pasting & Importing

Selecting Text

Choosing Fonts

Adobe Typekit Fonts

Size & Leading

Case & Sub/Superscript

Kerning & Tracking

Scale/Skew & Baseline


Paragraph Formatting




Spacing & Drop Caps


Hyphenation & Baseline Grid

Story Editor

Spell Check

Default Formatting

Formatting Text Frames


Frame Threads

Placing text

Frame Columns

Frame Options

Split & Span

Text Wrap

Primary Text Frame

Stroke & Fill

Preview Available


Intro to Color

Color Swatches

Gradient Swatches

Groups & Eyedropper

Adobe Color Themes

Eyedropper Tool

Working with Images


Image Types

Placing Images

Bridge/Mini Bridge

Maintaining Links

Linking Images

Understanding Resolution

Intro to Styles


Paragraph Styles pt. 1

Paragraph Styles pt. 2

Character & Nested Styles

Automating Styles

Object Styles

Intro to Printing


Desktop Printers pt.1

Desktop Printers pt. 2

Export to PDF pt. 1

Export to PDF pt. 2

Wrap Up


Wrap Up



About the Author

SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
SGD $49.00
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