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Adobe Audition CS6

Adobe Audition CS6, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

Adobe Audition CS6 is the latest update to the extremely popular industry-standard professional digital audio editing software. In this VTC course, author Mark Struthers will initially explore the user interface and demonstrate how panels can be positioned to accomplish specific tasks in the Audition workflow. Then, you will learn about various audio considerations such as bit depth and sample rate. As the course progresses, Mark will show you how audio files brought into Audition CS6 can be edited and improved using diagnostic tools and various native and third-party effects. Towards the end of the course, audio files that have been edited in the Waveform view will be combined in the Multi-track view so that a mix of a song can be explored. By the end of the course, you will be comfortable with being able to start a project of your own and work your way through it to produce a finished 'final' mix down ready for export to CD.

Discover how to optimize your audio quality with Adobe Audition.

- Learn the tools and techniques to create quality audio
- Know different editing methods using Adobe Audition
- Know why Adobe Audition is used to create optimal audio files
- Master these skills and apply to your projects

This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible.

Course Objectives

1. Understand the introduction to Adobe Audition CS6
2. Know how to navigate the interface ofr Adobe Audition 
3. Recognize the tools and its functions and pupose
4. Know the techniques and tools available in Adobe Auditon CS6
5. Able to apply tools and techniques into actual audio files for projects 

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Audio Concepts

Preview Available


What Audition Is

User Interface First Look

General Preferences pt. 1

General Preferences pt. 2

Audio Preferences

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Appearance Options

How Audio Is Displayed

Analyzing Displayed Audio

Spectral Views

Getting Started


Panels and Tabs

Editing Tools

Navigating Audition pt. 1

Navigating Audition pt. 2


Opening Files

Importing Files

Media Browser

Properties Panel

Commercial CD Extraction

Other CD Extraction

Waveform Recording

Moving On


Mono and Stereo Views


Easy Fading In and Out

Fades Within a File

Editing by Audio Range Selection pt. 1

Editing by Audio Range Selection pt. 2

Zero Crossing Points


Partial File Deletion

Copy / Cut / Paste

Append Audio

Volume Adjustments

Technical Considerations


Sample Rate and Bit Depth

Frequency and Amplitude

Creating Silence

Undo / Redo / History

Audio from Video

Normalizing Audio

Reversing Audio

Displaying and Hiding Windows

Adobe Free Resources

Updating Audition

Audio Enhancements


Effects Overview

Effect Previewing

Single File Effects

Compression Theory

Single Band Compression

Multiband Compression Set Up

Multiband Compression in Action



EQ and Filters

Background Noise Removal

Applying an Effect to a Section

Combining Multiple Effects

Effects Rack Buttons

VST Effects

Correcting and Manipulating


Diagnostic Tools Panel

Removing Silence



Audio Analysis Tools

Audio Restoration

Spot Fixing Noise

Auto Pitch Correction

Manual Pitch Correction

Stretching and Squashing

Further Techniques


Adding Favorites

Center Channel Extractor

Blending Tracks

Fade Envelope


Audio to CD

CD Layout

Using the Clipboard

Batch Processing

Volume Matching

Multi-track Projects


Multi-tracking Explained

Starting a Multi-track Project

Using a Template

Track Controls

Adding Files to Tracks

Moving and Editing Files

Effects and Routing

Adjusting Volume

Editing Audio

Mixing Down



Course Wrap Up

Resource File



About the Author

SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
SGD $49.00
(Price excludes GST)
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