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Essential Online Course - Microsoft Windows 10: How to use Windows 10

Essential Online Course - Microsoft Windows 10: How to use Windows 10 , Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

This course is designed to help you learn the basics of navigating the new Windows 10 operating system so that you can be effective and efficient while at work or play. Topics covered include: using file explorer, operating the new Microsoft Edge, using applications, managing and maintaining accounts.

Upgrade your tech knowledge!

- Keep up to date with the latest technology
- Learn the features and functions of the new Windows 10
- Know more about navigating Windows 10

Course Objectives

  1. Getting Started With Windows 10
  2. Using Windows Applications
  3. Connecting Devices And Devices
  4. Backing Up Important Data

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Microsoft Windows 10 Power User (How to use Windows 10)

  • Module 1: Introducing Windows 10
    • 1.1 Course Introduction
    • 1.2 What Makes Windows 10 Different
    • 1.3 Overview Of Windows 10 Features
    • 1.4 Navigating And Using Windows 10 Part 1
    • 1.5 Navigating And Using Windows 10 Part 2
  • Module 2: Installing Windows 10
    • 2.1 Preparing For Installation
    • 2.2 Installation Options
    • 2.3 Upgrading And Migrating Part 1
    • 2.4 Upgrading And Migrating Part 2
  • Module 3: Configuring Devices
    • 3.1 Overview Of Configuration Tools
    • 3.2 Common Configuration Options
    • 3.3 Managing User Accounts Part 1
    • 3.4 Managing User Accounts Part 2
    • 3.5 Using Control Panel
    • 3.6 Using Windows Administration Tools Part 1
    • 3.7 Using Windows Administration Tools Part 2
    • 3.8 Using Windows Power Shell Part 1
    • 3.9 Using Windows Power Shell Part 2
  • Module 4: Configuring Network Connectivity 
    • 4.1 TCPIP Network Connectivity Part 1
    • 4.2 TCPIP Network Connectivity Part 2
    • 4.3 TCPIP Network Connectivity Part 3
    • 4.4 Name Resolution
    • 4.5 Wireless
    • 4.6 Remote Access Overview Part 1
    • 4.7 Remote Access Overview Part 2
    • 4.8 Troubleshooting Connectivity
  • Module 5: Managing Storage, Data, And Printers
    • 5.1 Managing Hard Disks Part 1
    • 5.2 Managing Hard Disks Part 2
    • 5.3 Managing Hard Disks Part 3
    • 5.4 Creating And Managing Storage Spaces
    • 5.5 Overview Of Data Access
    • 5.6 Configuring And Managing File Access
    • 5.7 Managing Shared Folder
    • 5.8 Understanding Work Folders
    • 5.9 Managing Printers
  • Module 6: Managing Apps
    • 6.1 Installing And Configuring Applications
    • 6.2 Managing Apps From The Windows Store
    • 6.3 Managing Microsoft Edge Web Browser
  • Module 7: Managing Device Security 
    • 7.1 Configuring Network Security Part 1
    • 7.2 Configuring Network Security Part 2
    • 7.3 Configuring Local Security
    • 7.4 Configuring Data Security Part 1
    • 7.5 Configuring Data Security Part 2
    • 7.6 Configuring Device Security
  • Module 8: Maintaining Windows 10
    • 8.1 Updating Windows 10
    • 8.2 Monitoring And Optimizing Windows 10 Part 1
    • 8.3 Monitoring And Optimizing Windows 10 Part 2
  • Module 9: Troubleshooting And Recovery
    • 9.1 Managing Devices And Drives
    • 9.2 Recovery Files
    • 9.3 Recovering Devices
  • Module 10: Deploying Windows 10 Enterprise Desktops
    • 10.1 Overview Of Image Based Deployment
    • 10.2 Automating Installations
    • 10.3 Windows Activation
  • Module 11: Managing User Profiles And User State Virtualization
    • 11.1 Managing User Profiles Part 1
    • 11.2 Managing User Profiles Part 2
    • 11.3 User State Virtualization
    • 11.4 User Profile Migration
  • Module 12: Managing Desktop And Application Settings Using Group policy
    • 12.1 Using Group Policy To Manage Windows 10 Devices Part 1
    • 12.2 Using Group Policy To Manage Windows 10 Devices Part 2
    • 12.3 Using Group Policy To Manage Windows 10 Devices Part 3
    • 12.4 Using Group Policy To Manage Windows 10 Devices Part 4
    • 12.5 Using Group Policy To Manage Applications Part 1
    • 12.6 Using Group Policy To Manage Applications Part 2
  • Module 13: Configuring And Managing Client Hyper-V
    • 13.1 Introduction To Client Hyper-V
    • 13.2 Creating Virtual Machines
    • 13.3 Managing Virtual Machine Storage And Snapshot
    • 13.4 Conclusion
  • Duration 10 hr 0 mins
  • Skill level All Levels
  • Languages English
  • Tag(s) IT Microsoft

SGD $299.00
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