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  • Essential Online Course - Social Media

    Essential Online Course - Social Media

    SGD $299.00

    Course Description

    Social Media is the new word of mouth, and has replaced traditional communication mediums in recent years. Most people are only scratching the surface on the interesting things they can do with these social media websites. This course includes training covering on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Pinterest and many others. Be up to date with Social Media! - Learn about the different forms of social media - Discover how different social media platform works - Learn the tools on the different social media 


  • A Marketing Essential - Social Media Foundation

    A Marketing Essential - Social Media Foundation

    SGD $177.20

    Course Description

    Social Media marketing is about knowing how to increase traffic, promote brand and protect online reputation with techniques and strategies on social media sites. This Social Media Foundation course is aimed at training participants in the basic concepts of Social Media and related fields in digital marketing. The course introduces participants to Social Media concepts such as branding, public affairs, marketing communications (internal or external), or community engagement. The course also provides an overview of planning, executing, and assessing an effective social media campaign for corporations, government agencies, or non-profit organizations. Leverage your business today! - Know the latest innovations to propel your business further - Know how to position your business in a beneficial angle - Enable yourself to further your business ‚Äč- Reap the benefits of a successful business venture


  • Building Custom Social Networking Websites

    Building Custom Social Networking Websites

    SGD $45.00

    Course Description

    In this VTC course, author James Gonzalez reviews the best tools and practices for designing and creating Facebook-like social networking web sites customized for specific targeted audiences or needs. This course covers the principles needed to design effective and profitable social sites and the best tools available for building them. Four social website building tools are introduced in this course: Ning, Moodle, WordPress running the BuddyPress social plug-in, and Joomla! running the JomSocial and Community Builder Components.Have what it takes to build a successful website. - Find out how to plan the development of your website - Learn about earning profit from your website - Understand the purpose of using social networking- Learn how to use social media on different platforms