Build Your Tribe: How it can help your business
When you try to cater to everyone, your marketing won’t speak to anyone - building your tribe can make a difference to your business:
August 11, 2020

Human beings are social creatures in need of a sense of belonging. We always find ourselves looking for people whom we share the same interests with, and it is only natural to do so.

Hanging out with your posse is a case in point. Did you ever notice that everything just clicks and you never seem to run out of topics? Everyone understands each other even without verbalising. Meanwhile, the members of a tribe do not necessarily need to have similar attributes, a team with different personalities works just as well, or some might even argue, better. When people with different attributes come together, they create a synergy stronger than what any of them can create individually, according to the author of “Element”, Sir Ken Robinson.

How can a tribe help your business?

In marketing, there is a saying that goes, “When you target everyone, you reach no one.” We often hear people explaining about their product or service in a way that is vague, to say the least. This is why finding your niche, your tribe is of the utmost importance when it comes to building a brand. When you try to cater to everyone, your overall marketing and message won’t speak to anyone. Here are more reasons why building your tribe can make a difference to your business.

A group that functions well together |

#1 A group that functions well together— Functions!

Finding your niche also applies to the hiring process. When recruiting new employees, take into account their interest and stand on the product you are selling. This is what building a tribe in an organisation is like— they support you and you, on the other hand, take responsibility for the tribe. The members of your tribe will be your allies, mutually supporting each other along the way. Look for people that can lift you up during tough times, help you stay connected and most importantly, want you and what you stand for to succeed.

Find yourself some loyal customers |

#2 Find yourself some loyal customers

Are you expecting quality or quantity? Imagine you’re a hair salon owner, would you prefer five customers visiting only once or one customer visiting once a month for the next decade? If you believe in the latter, that is what having a tribe does. It invites loyal customers and supporters. Your marketing will be targeted to those who are interested in what you have to offer, and this is also good if you’re looking to develop new products and services as you are sure of your customers’ preferences.

Free advertising |

#3 Free advertising!

When you succeed in building a passionate fan base, aka your tribe, you can expect some free advertising. With paid advertisements popping out here and there, people are getting tired of companies hyping themselves up. You can anticipate a different outcome when customers shout on your behalf. And in this case, loyal customers will do the work for you. They will debate with others upon whose service/product is best and if yours is exceptionally good, rest assured that your customer base will grow.

#4 Mutually beneficial relationship with your customers

A tribe promises amazing results, be it your employees or your customers. Marketing has changed its course over the years, it is no longer about which company has a bigger customer base but almost entirely dependent on the company’s relationship with its people. Find your targeted market, build your relationship and maintain the trust that circulates within your tribe. It will not only benefit you and your business, but it will also benefit them— your tribe.

Now you know that building your tribe can make such a difference to your business, start working on one if you haven’t already done it. Think about this—there is a large pool of competitors out there and what makes you stand out? Who is likely to remember your brand? 
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