5 simple steps to get engagement with email.
Blasting emails to a list of prospective clients may seem like an efficient way to get the word out on your products and services, but are you getting the engagement you deserve?
January 17, 2019

Blasting emails to a list of prospective clients may seem like an efficient way to get the word out on your products and services, but are you getting the engagement you deserve?

The truth is that vomiting details of what you are selling is not as effective as you think. The reality is that it only shows your prospective clients that you have no idea who they are or what they are interested in. In fact, these emails often have a conversion rate of about 1%. This means that for every 100 emails you send out, only 1 person is interested and the other 99 are probably annoyed. A majority of cold emails fail to speak to their readers and make a connection with them, making them lose interest as soon as they read the email’s subject line.

We list five tips for making your emails sound more like a conversation, to create a more personal experience for your prospective clients.

1. Know your audience

Your emails should speak to your prospective client’s goals or solve their problems. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should have completely customised emails for every single person on your list. Instead, segment your target market and have different, more personal emails for each segment.

For example, if you are speaking to an athlete, talk about how your product or service can improve their performance and fitness. If you are targeting your email at business owners or directors, mention things like ROI and saving time and money. Tailoring your emails is the first thing to do to create a more personal experience.

2. Choose value over features

Yes, you have features. Every product or service has features, so why talk about them in emails? Nobody actually cares. What they care about is what your product or service can do for them. This more personal tactic speaks directly to their goals and pain points, making their decision process easier and quicker. Talking about what makes your brand unique will help you snuff out the competition.

3. Ask for permission

Often overlooked, this is probably one of the most crucial ways to make your emails more personal. Ask your potential client for permission to share more info with them over a 15 min call or meeting. This adds the personal touch you will need to win their trust.

“We made headlines last week. May I show you how we did that?”

“Would it be okay if I told you more about how Product X can cut your business development costs over a call?”

There is now more incentive for your prospective client to speak to your or meet you. The call-to-action becomes a preliminary conversation, which is softer than saying “Would you like to buy one?”

4. Know how and when your emails will be read

Nearly half of emails sent out every day are read on the go. This means that you have to take interest in how emails read on mobile screens. There isn’t much room to capture attention on tiny screens, so you have to get to the point within the first few lines. Your reader should only have to open the email without scrolling down to see why they should be scrolling down right away.

Although you are being brief, going the extra mile to ensure that your busy prospective client gets the exact info they need makes your email more personal.

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5. Don't be salesy

Let's face it - We write emails so we can get our subscribers to buy from us or in some cases buy more. However not everyone will read an email and decide to buy. In fact that seldom happens.

From our experience , it's way better to construct a funnel where we help the reader move through the sales funnel of their own accord. That way, your audience will feel comfortable with your emails and your engagement naturally picks up.

Those are the 5 simple steps. They're simple but not easy. It takes a great deal of effort to implement but we promise you, it'll be worth it.

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